About Us

Big River Running Company is a Specialty Store

Unparalleled Passion. Unmatched Personal Attention.

We live here. We run here. Our love for this city and this sport is matched only by our love for helping other runners and walkers. We are St. Louis’ running and walking resource.

As one of the nation’s top 50 running speciality stores, we understand the importance of selecting the proper shoe for any runner or walker. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to giving you the unrivaled personal attention you deserve.

From determining foot size to arch type, degree of pronation to running style, we help you find the perfect fit.

Our Big River experts will walk you through each step of our individual fitting process, capturing your gait analysis on video using the latest technology, which allows you to view the effects of shoes on your foot strike. Being able to visualize your foot in motion provides you and our staff with valuable insight into finding the shoe that’s right for you.